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Post-Acute Level Of Consciousness scale revised (PALOC-sr): adaptation of a scale for classifying the level of consciousness in patients with a prolonged disorder of consciousness

Eilander, H. J., van Erp, W. S., Driessen, D. M. F., Overbeek, B. U. H., & Lavrijsen, J. C. M.

26 april 2022
To present an updated version of the ‘Post-acute Level Of Consciousness scale’ (PALOC-s), in accordance with the latest scientific insights.
Within the context of a research project, 20 years ago, the PALOC-s was developed for the purpose of following the development of the level of consciousness of young unconscious patients participating in a rehabilitation program. Meanwhile, the understanding of the behavior related to different levels of consciousness has developed and terminology has changed, resulting in the need to revise the PALOC-s. With the preservation of the original description of the eight hierarchical levels of PALOC-s, adaptations are made in the terminology and grouping of these levels.
Results and conclusion
This manuscript presents the revised version of PALOC-sr, which is suitable for use in clinical practice. The validation of this scale is recommended for its optimal use in future (international) research projects.